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Science Laboratory

The Lord’s Hill Secondary School has the best science laboratory available to its students, which distinguishes it from other Tanzanian schools. The Lord’s Hill Secondary School, which has strong Science departments, has a sophisticated and high-end laboratory that is suited for a wide range of studies in several branches of science. The school encourages pupils to be inventive and creative in their presentations and recognizes them for their best efforts and hard work.Physics, Chemistry, and Biology laboratories provide the required facilities with current and good equipment for demonstration, experimentation, and project work at various levels. The school’s scientific labs are designed, equipped, and built in accordance with Tanzania’s Ministry of Education and Vocational Training’s standards and safety norms, and allow for a practical, hands-on experimental approach that allows students to learn like scientists via trial and error. As a result, the laboratories allow students to work productively while also allowing them to learn the various aspects of Science.


School Library

The library’s collection is focused on offering resources and audiovisual aids to enhance the school’s teaching and learning initiatives. The Lord’s Hill Secondary School library has one of the most comprehensive and modern collections of books in a variety of subjects. The library has a comprehensive collection of books, newspapers, research papers, and learning materials in all pertinent academic subjects. Over 10,000 volumes make up the library system’s complete collection, covering all the subjects taught at the institution.
The library should be seen by students as a vital resource for bridging the gap between the class notes provided by teachers and the information resources it contains, so they are encouraged to utilize it frequently. Users of the library must abide by all rules and policies stated there. At one time, the library can hold more than 100 pupils.

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm; on Saturday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Monday through Friday, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
The library is closed in all public holidays.

Computer Lab

The flood of information provided by technology provides wonderful opportunity to make learning more interesting and enjoyable. IT facilities are an important element of the teaching and learning experience at The Lord’s Hill Secondary School. The school has a well-equipped computer lab for our kids, as well as highly qualified professors. Our Information Technology facility is a fully networked computer laboratory with individual workstations for an entire class, as well as PCs in the library for student research. IT technicians and student IT supervisors are also on hand to help. Our cutting-edge computers are outfitted with plenty of memory (1 Gigabit), drivers, external hard disc and CD/DVD-ROM drives, giving students access to tremendous amounts of power. Students at The Lord’s Hill Secondary School are extremely lucky to have access to cutting-edge technology!
The computers are all Internet-ready and come with a variety of authentic software.

Audio Visual Facilities

The school has a wide range of audio visual facilities, which help students to increase effectiveness and supplement class room teaching, thence understand better the concepts that are taught in class. Those audio visual facilities include Audio cassettes, LCD projectors, modern music system and education CD-ROM’s just to mention a few. Computer with LCD projector and screen aids in imparting the lessons with the help of CD’s, Encyclopedia, Encarta e.t.c.

The students are thus able to understand, evaluate and assess the subject better. Modern technology and modern trends are introduced continuously to enhance learning the subject better.


Sports and Games

Our school activities include several levels of sports competitions as well as music and dance. In addition to fostering healthy competition, this helps children develop self-control, coordination, and the ability to work successfully both individually and as a team. Students at The Lord’s Hill Secondary School are required to participate in at least one sport or game each year they are enrolled. We have a sizable play area set aside for different sporting events. Football, volleyball, basketball, and tennis are just a few of the games and sports that may be played on the playground, and students are welcome to use these facilities for these activities. The school sponsors and participates in tours for a range of sports and has a strong reputation for its athletic achievements. Senior and junior matches against other schools and clubs are played. The most popular sports include football, netball, baseball, and volleyball. We frequently play friendly games against local teams and schools from throughout the nation. There is a robust adventure program that makes full use of the beautiful Tanzanian environment while simultaneously teaching students how to be self-sufficient.

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