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The Lord’s Hill Secondary School was officially opened in January 2012. It currently has ordinary level students from form one to form four. As a boarding school, the school provides each student with a bed and meals during the school year. The facilities include the main laboratory, the multipurpose hall (under construction), one storey building, which consists of eight classrooms and an administrative office. The boys' and girls' hostels provide living quarters for the students. The IOP’s core values and mission are present in the teaching at the Lord’s Hill Secondary School and greatly affect the quality of education that the students receive. As part of their weekly schedule, students participate in clubs and debates where they discuss controversial subjects with fellow students and teachers.  The subjects covered include History, Civics, Geography, English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. 


We are champions who believe that no one was born to fail.

"Excellence and quality education for emancipation".

Why choose us

Experienced Teachers

They are strong believers in their field, are passionate about it, and are practitioners. Their delivery is a tried-and-true blend of depth and humour that is both practical and pleasant.


quality education

Learn fundamental skills and the most recent developments from education specialists with professional degrees.


English speaking environment

Lord’s Hill Secondary School offers an entirely English-speaking atmosphere. You will only hear and speak English from the minute you attend our school until you depart.


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Edson Msigwa

Managing Director
Phone: +255 767 337 763
Email: Edson.Msigwa@ioptanzania.org



Founder IOP Tanzania
Phone: +255 763087911
Email: Berit.Skaare@ioptanzania



P. O Box 151 Mazombe, Iringa,Tanzania

Email: post@ioptanzania.org


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We are Champions !

The Lord's hill secondary school